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As a participant of the free Wisdom of Trauma Experience, you now have the opportunity to enroll in an 8-part online course with Dr. Gabor Maté at an early bird price. 

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The Complete Package for the Wisdom of Trauma Experience

8-Part Online Course with Dr. Gabor Maté- more than 15 hours of content!

“The Wisdom of Trauma” course is a beacon of hope in a world often burdened by unhealed pain. This course holds the key to understanding the invisible forces that shape our lives and offers a transformative path towards healing.

Dr. Gabor Maté’s teachings challenge conventional perceptions of trauma, addiction, and societal concerns, encouraging participants to embark on a journey of self-discovery and compassion. In a society that often overlooks the profound impact of trauma, this course becomes a vital resource, inviting individuals to embrace their humanity, question perceptions, and foster a collective healing that transcends individual suffering. It is a pivotal step toward creating a world where each person can contribute to a stronger, healthier, and more united society.

In this 8-module course you’ll learn that you are not your trauma, that discovering your truth will open your heart and allow your innate wisdom to shine through your wounds. When you allow your wounds to teach you to listen, to love yourself and to have compassion, you will overcome your pain.

Early Bird Price $97 – Value $499

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Audiobook and Transcripts

Download all audio materials from the bonus package to listen offline and dive deeper into the materials with downloadable transcripts.

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Trauma Talks Package: 11 Expert Interviews

Gabor Maté unpacks trauma and healing from the unique perspectives of 11 trauma experts.

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The Award-Winning Film: The Wisdom of Trauma

You will have a lifetime access to this paradigm-shifting film watched by over 6,000 000 people across the world.

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When the Body Says No

A recording of a recent younity event with Gabor Maté where he unpacks the effects of trauma on the body.

Value 47€

Compassionate Inquiry

A recording of a recent younity event with Gabor Maté where he shares a healing modality called Compassionate Inquiry through storytelling.

Value 47€

21 Questions Answered by Gabor Maté

Gabor Maté answers our most frequently asked questions about the nature of trauma and healing.

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A Musical Journey of Sound

An exclusive audio file with a bundle of soothing music from the film The Wisdom of Trauma.

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